Exclusive Jade Necklace with Vintage Textile - "K’abel"

Exclusive Jade Necklace with Vintage Textile - "K’abel"

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The Emperatriz Maya (Mayan Emperor) collection is an exclusive collection with the most precious material. It consists of ancestral, 100-year-old textile from Quetzaltenango, which is combined with some of the most amazing jade stones. The jade stones cupped with silver are carefully hand-sewn into the textile. The necklace has our famous ceramic beaded lines that are all rounded off with more pieces of precious jade stones. 

K’abel is the name of a Mayan queen (Lady K’abel) who is considered one of the greatest queens of classic Mayan civilization. She was also a military governor and had the nickname Kaloomte translating to Supreme Warrior. 

The pieces in this collection are truly unique, precious, and exclusive. Wearing this will make anyone feel majestic. 

All material is made and sourced in Guatemala and handmade by Mayan artisans. 



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