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  • Artisan Communities at Lake Atitlán, pt. 3 of 4 - *40 sec read*

      Our artisan communities in Guatemala All our ceramic-beaded™ earrings, bead-embroideries, beaded weavings, beaded bracelets etc., are made w...
  • Our 2-story workshop, Antigua, pt. 2 of 4 - *1.5 min read*

    Our 2-story workshop, Antigua Our beautiful workshop has two floors of pure joy. And truth be told, it's any artist's dream. This is where we h...
  • Our retail shop, Antigua, pt. 1 of 4 - *30 sec read*

    Yes, we have our webshop but it's only 2 years old and accounts for a very small percentage of this little family-business' activities.

    So read on to find out what we actually spend most of our time doing as a family-business.

  • We are going for the gold 🥇

    We are SO excited to announce that we have made it to the final stage of a local competition in Guatemala called Kakaw Concurso which is about inn...
  • Update from the heart of the Mayan world✨💚

    In this post we share an exclusive sneak peek of a new design coming to our webshop soon! You can also read what we have been up to lately since our last little newsletter from Guatemala.
  • Ceramic Jewelry

    "Ceramic is heavy", "Ceramic is fragile", and so on. In this blog post, we will tell you why all of these statements are wrong for our ceramic beaded jewelry.