Embroidered Birds Chest/Neck Pieces - "Santiago Birds"

Embroidered Birds Chest/Neck Pieces - "Santiago Birds"

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Our Santiago Birds collection of necklaces are some of our most astounding pieces. The textile used is embroidered with colourful birds. This type of embroidered textile is made in the town of Santiago Atitlan, where the local artisans are famously skilled embroiderers of bird designs. When you touch this beautiful textile, you can feel the patterns and the amazing technique used to make it.

Below the textile, we have added our famous lines of ceramic beads in various colours and design details making these eye-catching pieces truly stand out. 

Everything in this necklace is handmade by local artisans in Guatemala. 


Beads: Ceramic beads, dyed.
Cord: Adjustable cord, nylon, waxed
Textile: Hand-embroidered birds motif, origin: Santiago Atitlán, cotton


Each necklace is unique. See model photos for length reference.
Weight: 120-150g // 3.5-4.5oz

Care information

We recommend not showering or swimming with your new jewelry, however a bit of splashing won't hurt. When not using the jewelry, hang it or lay it out flat. The jewelry can handle being dropped but try not to squash them between two hard surfaces.

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel L.

I purchased this item as a birthday gift. It’s very beautiful!!!!!

Ana F.

Words cannot express how grateful and ecstatic I am to have such beautifully crafted artwork in my possession to wear with great pride.