Ceremonial Two-Piece Textile Necklace, Adjustable - "Aguacatán", Muted

Ceremonial Two-Piece Textile Necklace, Adjustable - "Aguacatán", Muted

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*Includes Complimentary, Hand-Woven Textile Bag

Elevate your style with our timeless and adjustable ceremonial necklaces, a harmonious blend of simplicity and intricate beauty. Crafted with precision, each necklace showcases the artistry of Guatemala through a carefully curated pairing of two exquisite textiles.

Enriched with deep cultural significance, this ceremonial textile has been integral to countless Mayan rituals and traditions. Transporting you to the heart of Guatemalan heritage, these authentic weaves are exclusively sourced from the charming village of Aguacatán, where their origin story unfolds.

Paired elegantly with our signature beaded chains, meticulously arranged in a captivating design, these necklaces exude an aura of mesmerizing grandeur.

The creation of each necklace is a testament to the skilled hands and rich heritage of Mayan artisans. Handcrafted with unwavering dedication in the heart of Guatemala, these pieces resonate with the spirit of ancient craftsmanship, breathing life into a fusion of tradition and contemporary elegance.


Adjustable sliding bead. Depending on your outfit, wear it short with the textile on the shoulders/neck or wear it long down on the chest.


Beads: Dyed, ceramic beads
Textile: Woven textile in cotton (origin: Aguacatán, Guatemala)
Cord: Nylon, Wax


Size: Adjustable sliding bead. See photos for the smallest length (collar style). The longest is down to the belly button for most people.
Weight: ∼70g // ∼2.3 oz

Care information

We recommend not showering or swimming with your new jewelry, however a bit of splashing won't hurt. When not using the jewelry, hang it or lay it out flat. The jewelry can handle being dropped but try not to squash them between two hard surfaces.

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