Our retail shop in Antigua

Our retail shop in Antigua

 Our retail shop, Antigua

Our Antigua shop has been our crown jewel over the last 15 years. We've had 4-5 different locations in Antigua. Before the pandemic, we used to have two full retail shops in Antigua in the Choco Museo on the arch street.  

 Store front antigua

As of now, we have one shop that is located just one block from Parque Central inside the historic building of "Casa Antigua El Jaulon".

We have all of our ceramic art here; beaded earrings, necklaces, wearable art, bracelets, wall-art, home decor etc. Here are some shots from our shop.
Nekclace side of retail shop in AntiguaDon Jaime with the dogs in the shop entranceWearable art hanging racksEarring display folders

We have three people covering the shop.

Marina, co-founder, works in the shop during weekends. Nicolas, son of Los Colores' founders works some weekdays and part-time in weekends. And Terese, our family-friend, works most weekdays.

They all share the shop shifts every day from 10am-5pm.

Marina and Nicolas in the shop working together

Looking for our shop in Antigua? Take a look at this short video that will guide you the right way from Central Park: IG REEL DIRECTIONS

Not in Antigua but want to shop some of our exclusive collections? LOSCOLORESDELATIERRA.COM 


Oh and btw, still wondering who is writing this?

I'm Michelle. My mom is from Denmark and my dad is from England. I met the Los Colores family 3 years ago when I was traveling to Guatemala for the first time.

The family is now my 'in-laws' (although, Nicolas and I are not married). They have been trusting me with the online/English side of the business the past two years.
 Michelle in front of our ACL booth

Also, we have some BIG BIG news coming about shop locations this Summer. Stay informed on our social media or from our emails. 

Next week, we will tell you about our second crown jewel: Our 2-story workshop in Antigua!

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