Tikal Synergy - Cenote
Tikal Synergy - Cenote
Tikal Synergy - Cenote

Tikal Synergy - Cenote

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Our collection of Tikal earrings are handmade by Mayan artisans in Guatemala. They are made with our unique ceramic beads, and carefully hand-sewn together into an enchanting pattern. They are durable and can withstand a lot. 

They come in many designs and colors, and all of them have the same upper shape similar to that of the Tikal ruins in Peten, Guatemala. 

These earrings are our most popular ones in our two shops in Antigua, Guatemala. They will make your style stand out every day! 

Your support enables us to support artisans communities around Guatemala. 



Beads: Ceramic, dyed

Weight: 10g // 0.35oz

Dimensions: 4.20 inches tall,

 // 1.5 inches wide