Itzá - Yellow Ceremonial
Itzá - Yellow Ceremonial

Itzá - Yellow Ceremonial

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Our Itzá collection is the newest earring design from our Los Colores de la Tierra workshop. Each Itzá earrings is unique and has a handmade piece of the best and most precious textile of Guatemala. This type of textile is called Aguacatán and it is originally used to wear as huipiles (Mayan tops) in traditional ceremonies of the Mayan culture. 

Below the textile, we have added small lines of ceramic beads in carefully chosen and matching color schemes. The beads gracefully hang down from the handmade textile and lightly touches your shoulders. Its skinny and long shape truly stands out from any other earrings you have seen before. If you have long hair, it will feel like a part of you and your hair, and if you have short hair it will be a nice eye-catching accessory. 

Everything is handmade by Mayan artisans in Guatemala. 


Beads: Dyed ceramic beads

Textile: Handmade embroidery, Guatemalan

Hook: Silver

Weight: 8g // 0.28oz