Huipil -  Flora Suprema (M/L)
Huipil -  Flora Suprema (M/L)
Huipil -  Flora Suprema (M/L)
Huipil -  Flora Suprema (M/L)

Huipil - Flora Suprema (M/L)

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Our Huipil Chest Pieces are all magnificent pieces of wearable art and each one varies greatly. The common denominator between the chest pieces is that they all resemble that of the Mayan huipil which is a slipover shirt made from traditional textile. The lengths of a huipil, and our version of the huipil, can vary from a short crop top-like style to much longer. 

Our Huipil Chest Pieces have a unique piece of vintage textile. Most of our huipils have textile that is handmade in the town of Patzún close to Chimaltenango. We have added our amazing lines of ceramic beads in combinations, patterns and colors that will blow your mind. The lines of beads fall gracefully across the chest, and wearing any one of these pieces will surely make heads turn.

All of our Huipil Chest Pieces are handmade in Guatemala by Mayan artisans. 

Size: This piece is a medium/large which is mostly a reference to the huipil style. It will adapt to your posture and shape, and you can adjust it by positioning it on the shoulders. 


Weight: 545g // 19.22oz

Fabric: Cotton, Vintage

Beads: Ceramic